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Arch Culvert: Youngstown, NY: Wilson Road Bridge
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Project: Youngstown-Wilson Rd. Bridge
Location: Youngstown, NY
Owner: Niagara Co. DPW
Engineer: Niagara Co. DPW
Contractor: Mark Cerrone, Niagara Falls , NY
Precaster: Kistner Concrete Products Inc. - Lockport Plant
Precast Bridge Consultant: ECO-SPAN - ARCH SYSTEMS
Unique features / Special Details: 58' = 11 Sections of 28'-0" Span 22 Tons Arched Culvert sections, per AASHTO HL-93 Loading. Detached Precast headwalls.
One set of Precast anchor style flat Wing walls & one set of segmental Precast Big block NYSDOT 554-01 Spec. wall system to accommodate & eliminating the need to delay construction for wire relocation.
This bridge exemplify innovative and/or unusual techniques, design and/or construction methods by the selection & use of the modular wall system allowed install of wing wall system under low overhead wires without delay or wire relocation.
A significant savings of time & money to Owner.

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