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Project Profile: Hamburg, NY: Precast Pipe End Section
"The Permanent Solution"

Project: D256365
Location: Hamburg, NY
Engineer: NYSDOT
Contractor: Accadia Enterprises
Manufacturer: Kistner Concrete Products, Inc.

Scope: This Precast Pipe End Section was found to be the permanent solution for the NYSDOT. Versatility and flexibility are featured with 3 sizes of End Section to accommodate any type of pipe(10-36 PVC, CMP, RCP, ect.). The use of this solution eliminates deficient end treatments.

Project Significance: The Precast Pipe End Section handles all pipe types: PVC, CMP, RCP or HDPE pipe. This unit is aesthetically pleasing, extremely functional and economical. In addition, a Cable Concrete Erosion Control system was utilized to provide scour protection on this project. The Precast Pipe End Section System, as well as Cable Concrete Erosion Control units were found to be the ideal solution for a variety of reasons:
1.) Speed of construction
2.) Project control
3.) Short work window
4.) High quality precast product
5.) Total project economy

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