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Wing Wall System (Segmental) Block wall system that Meets NYSDOT 554 Specification.
Wing Walls or Retainings Walls....

Many job sites require Retaining Walls or Wing Walls to make your developments feasible. For the most part, they all look similar, often do not enhance your final presentation and sometimes stick out like a sore thumb. Walls that look man-man and poor quality & certainly do not add to the development’s appeal or the designer’s integrity.
Kistner provides The Redi-Rock Wall System That changes this….......
A solution to enhance curb appeal and to improve wall structural integrity is Red-Rock.  
A large 2000 lb. block engineered system with a unique “Essence of Natural Rock” look.
Aestheticly beautyfull.......Limestone or Ledgestone Face.  
To explore this alternative, please review our web site at  /
(Click) Retaining Walls … Redi-Rock…. or call us at 716-508-5594.   
With over 4 manufacturing locations, we look forward to serving your needs.

Email me for a copy of a " Fair advantage Spec. "  a Guide Specification meeting NYSDOT Sec. 554 & that will assure the selection of Redi-Rock on your project…… 
Please call or email me personally for any assistance… Thanks,

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Allows you to Get The product you Want & Need on your Project....
Fair Advantage Spec.  (46.59 KB, application/msword)
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